Support Birds in the Mediterranean

I have been preparing to post a story about my recent visit to The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and put my personal spin on the ancient Egyptian artifact exhibit that showcased the omnipresence of birds in their culture. I wanted to share in picture and story what I found to be intriguing, fascinating, and beautiful.

Change of plans.

Yesterday morning, Birdchick Sharon Stiteler (who I think is simply the bee’s knees based upon her career and sense of humor) posted an article titled “Last Song for Migrating Birds” by Jonathan Franzen, that she warned would be hard to read.

I debated about whether or not to read the article because while I wanted to learn about the matter, I know myself well enough to know that I could be haunted by images or thoughts that I couldn’t shake. However, since not acknowledging a problem doesn’t make it go away, I clicked on the article.

Rather than make this a lighthearted post about sharing my own discovery of the prominence of birds in ancient Egyptian culture, I will instead use this space to focus on the awareness and importance of conservation for these birds right now.

Other than share the story as well, I’m currently at a loss for else to do. The article’s graphic content is disturbing: Last Song for Migrating Birds, Jonathan Franzen.

6/18/13 Update:
Thank you to Birdchick and Dave G. for their replies to a few things that the “average person” like me can do right now. 

Join BirdLife International. Get informed, spread the word, take action.

Support BirdLife Cyprus
“BirdLife Cyprus was formed in 2003 through the amalgamation of the two Cyprus Ornithological Societies. The main aims of BirdLife Cyprus are the protection and study of the birds of Cyprus and their habitats.”

Support BirdLife Malta
“BirdLife Malta strives to conserve wild birds and their habitats. The organisation monitors activity that threatens wild birds, such as illegal hunting and trapping and urban development in conservation areas on the Maltese islands.”

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