JUST Egg in Boxed Cake Mix – My Results

March 3rd: I originally made half a box of cake, but tonight I made a full box of cake mix substituting three large eggs for six tablespoons of Just Egg (added water and oil per the instructions). It worked out just beautifully. Super moist!!

Used olive oil for the oil and mixed the batter a minute or two longer than the recommended time for no particular reason. 



How many eggs JUST Egg cake recipe

JUST Egg substitute eggs cake mix

JUST Egg replace egg cake

…these were along the lines of what I’d been searching for last weekend when I could no longer wait to make a vanilla-flavored, vanilla-frosted confetti cake mix purchased a few weeks ago. The dairy-free mix called for oil, water, and three eggs. I hardly ever bake, and don’t recall the last time I tried to replace three eggs in a recipe (or with what) but that would be a problem for future-me!

When I do such investigative internet searching, like replacing up to three eggs for a specific baked item, I’m likely to go through multiple recipes and reviews to land on one I think is the right fit. I already had JUST Egg on hand, but all I’ve ever made was scrambled eggs and omelets with it, and wanted to give it a try. The internet surprised me by returning only one solid result to my yes/no question.

Thank you, WorldOfRandomStuff, for inspiring me to take a chance, by sharing your Just Egg: Replacement in Cake Baking Test video.

The twist to my experiment is that I only wanted to make half the box so I didn’t feel compelled to eat a whole cake for days until it was gone (even though Joel said he was OK with that). I simply halved the water and oil ingredients, and went with three tablespoons of JUST Egg. I was only going to go with two but got nervous it might not be enough.

What I Used:

  • Half (or 8 oz.) of the Betty Crocker boxed Party Rainbow Cake Mix powder (16 oz.) – it’s dairy-free!
  • 3 TBS JUST Egg
  • 1/2 cup water (half of what’s recommended)
  • 1/4 cup oil (half of what’s recommended)
  • Non-dairy vanilla frosting with sprinkles – we used all of it, so our entire dessert was half cake and half frosting… #notproud

I would think this egg substitute would suffice for most or any flavored boxed cake mix. The results were very moist, fluffy, and tasted delicious! Joel, who is omni, can’t wait until I make this again!

Do you ever take a forkful from the pan, but feel compelled to create a new line across so it’s more straight? So you take another bite? And another bite? Hoping for a straight line so anyone else in the household doesn’t think you’ve been eating from the pan? Not fooling anybody with my fork-cuts.

TLDR – I made half a box of cake mix that called for 3 eggs. I used 3 TBS of JUST Egg in half of the boxed mix recipe. Baked up perfectly and very moist. I don’t think anyone would know it was made without chicken eggs.

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