The Feathered Nest

As if we had hired a bird as our decorator, our home is sprinkled with any number of bird-related items, bringing interest and the inescapable charm we enjoy from feathered friends.

single blue jay feather outlined fickle feather

I finally justified another indoor bird-inspired purchase! It had been a while, especially since we downsized our house and I still like everything we already had. Anyway, what we didn’t have were bird placemats! After much searching, I found the perfect colors and style for our kitchen aesthetic. These are from PalmParrotVintage on Etsy

Audubon Bird Place Mats Etsy


“Autumn bargains are waiting…” Well, it must have been Opposite Day at the flea market, because this small ceramic pelican planter that I thought would be mine for around $10 was $140! I think not! (Good luck finding anyone else in all the land who’d be excited about finding a pelican planter!) Not only would it have been a fine addition for my collection but also a sweet commemorative piece for the three pelicans the wildlife rehab center received this summer.

pelican planter

The inside of the house is nearing capacity for what I’d consider still tastefully birdy. Moving things outdoors, I bought a large artificial Christmas tree from Goodwill for our deck. The intention is to provide some cover and instant hiding spots from any hawks in the area looking for a meal. I would never otherwise deny a predator from catching its prey (the hawk has to make a living too) but I just think that if I’m going to invite them over to eat, the least I can do is not help get them killed. It’s part of our predator-free dining guarantee.

The tree is not suitable for hawks to hide in, either. No complaints yet!

Wild birds in artificial christmas tree 2

I coveted my neighbor’s lawn crane and now it is mine! After driving by this crane for over seven years, I finally pulled over to tell the lady outside the house doing yard work how much I like it and always admire it as I drive by. She said she had moved in recently and inherited the crane from the previous owners. She didn’t hesitate offering it up to me and I didn’t hesitate accepting! It goes perfectly with our fountain.

Outdoor crane figurine on deck 

A gift from my father-in-law! Bird and leaf motif measuring spoons.     Decorative Bird and Leaf Measuring Spoons

I left a small craft mall in Peoria, IL with several of these little painted birds that perch on shelves of a corner unit. The eggs are an addition from a boutique craft store.

painted birds robins

Painted eggs tucked in greenery. 

painted craft eggs in greenery

Another excellent addition to my everything-bird collection. This one is from avian artist Wooka, a disabled Northern Flicker. Wooka’s masterpiece hangs in the home office beneath the Canada Goose’s abstract. (Bird photo credit: Bradley Kirk)

Wooka Painting 2014

This pheasant was a delightful discovery at Hobby Lobby shortly after caring for the pheasant at the wildlife rehabilitation center. I always think of those little ladies when I see this piece.

pheasant knick knack on mantle

This birds-atop-shelves-next-to-containers composition has followed us to two homes now. The luggage-like look of the containers by the birds reminds me of our trip to Hawaii, where birds came and went as they pleased through open, uncovered windows.  

birds in nook

This is a candle holder I found on clearance at a chain arts and crafts store. I added fake moss and fake eggs.

A memento from a recent trip, he wasn’t even for sale. He was part of a display for some other retail bird items. When I frowned in disappointment, the super-nice gentleman at Havegard Bird Supplies in Door County made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Sold! Among an array of wild bird supplies, I spotted a feeder I think I could honestly have fit inside, no joke. Can you imagine bird watching from INSIDE the feeder? I didn’t purchase it but it’s staying on my radar.

Having placed the winning bid for a Lucy original, we are the proud owners of a painting by a Canada goose/education animal ambassador from the Fox Valley Wildlife Center in Elburn, IL. This is no ordinary goose! (Bird photo credit: Brittney VH)

Originally purchased to hold seed or water, I decided that this bird bath was probably too flaky and delicate to clean frequently from outdoor use. I happened to have a box of pretty soaps that needed somewhere to be displayed, so in they went. Perfect!

I adore bird trinket boxes. Shiny. Pretty. This satisfies the little girl in me who delighted in collecting little animal figurines.

This collection rests at the end of the mantle over the fireplace. I like the elegant sweep of the tail and the softness it brings to the space. All three items purchased from Hobby Lobby.

So many colors, so many ways to accessorize with complimentary linens, place mats, and other tableware! Purchased from Home Goods.

This stately chap reigns over the hustle and bustle of business in the kitchen.

My long and arduous hunt to find that perfect ceramic fowl paid off. After interviewing countless game birds, I finally found the right hen for the job of bringing the right size, color, shape, and interest to the kitchen island. Color me Home Goods happy once again!

Dazzled by the artistry of the bird and shape of the plate, I found it impossible to leave the store without making this purchase.

I just dig stuff like this.

The ensemble may be a bit 2007 but I still love the look and interest it brings to the space. I adore the design of the all-metal rooster which is so heavy, it could easily double as a weapon.

Here a trinket, there a trinket! A serene little goldfinch trinket box compliments the soft, soothing colors of the master bedroom.

So it’s not decor, but because we worked so hard and for so long on this puzzle, we left it on the table for a while to keep admiring our efforts.


2 thoughts on “The Feathered Nest

    • Thank you so much for that Suzie! The rooster has a bit of a scrutinizing leer, doesn’t he? It’s why he sits right over the frig so that I always have to see that expression that seems to ask, “Are you suuuure you want that?”

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