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This blog was originally a result of much career indecision and the need for some new personal navigation. Like Oprah has said, “…I’ve noticed that the universe speaks to us in whispers.” I felt like the universe had indeed been whispering for quite some time and had progressively been getting louder and louder, but it was like she was calling to me from the other side of the house and I couldn’t quite make out what she was saying – like the time when my husband kept shouting “Skunk! Skunk!” from afar but I thought he was yelling “Hon! Hon!”

I heard the calls and knew they were directed at me, I just couldn’t make out what exactly was being said and apparently I didn’t care enough to leave my post at the top of the stairs or do more than shout back “What?! What?!”

I’m trying to get closer to the calls and hear the message. The universe and I are still working on it.

One bit of advice I read was to consider what was fun and natural to do as a child, much of which included writing, flipping through books about birds, decorating my Barbie condo, and singing along to the radio for hours on end. Subtracting my less-than-impressive vocal stylings from the equation, I was left with writing, birds, and decorating. Well, it was a start. 

I didn’t realize then how much of an impact being a life-long dog person and especially Peanut’s mom (see below) would have on my time, attention, and interests. During a slow news time, I created a post about a DIY dog ramp we created for Peanut since jumping on and off the couch was no longer an option. An acquaintance hadn’t considered a ramp for her special needs dog so I thought others might be interested in what we did as well. That post has by far been my most popular ever since and I could not be more proud that our little Peanut has been the catalyst for so many others to hopefully benefit from the idea.

This journey is about connecting the pieces that motivate, inspire, and challenge me every day while learning and having fun meeting others along the way.

Cheers to the journey!

Interested in collaborating? Drop a line and introduce yourself!

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