My Kind of Courtship!

Unlike some species of mammals that have season-specific courtship cycles, this particular mammal exhibits courtship behaviors all year long. It is just past the first day of winter in the Midwest where creatures dare to brave the cold and biting winds, yet here we’ve captured the male enticing the female out of their warm nest. Curious, she accepts the offer.

offering a ride

In a courtship display, the male brings the female to one of her favorite big-box craft and home décor retailers to browse an assortment of pretty but often unnecessary nesting materials. Here she is spotted in her typical drab winter plumage, almost indistinguishable from her surroundings.

Once inside, she flits and flutters about the isles, evaluating the various wares. The male, which does not usually accompany the female on such excursions, remains patient at her side while she pauses to study several pieces. Reluctantly, she passes on an adorable bird figurine but vows to snatch up a peacock trinket box once it goes on sale.

Now, weary from foraging and in need of sustenance, the male brings his female to the food source of her choosing.

a meal for the weary

The male has once again proven his merit in this pairing. The female is pleased.*

the female is pleased

*The male earns extra points by playing along with the female’s desire to take photos for this post. Of course having a picture of myself walking on a sidewalk outside of a store did not happen organically. It was a scream to watch other people going by as we did this bit. We got several curious stares as to why the man was snapping photos from the front seat of his parked car and why that guacamole was having a portrait session. If I didn’t know what was going on, I’d think it was awfully strange. Perhaps this guy caught in the crosshairs thought that Joel was a private investigator, and a really bad one at that.

what in the world

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